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As you probably know, the entire Ditch the Diet crew are taking part in a no makeup week for charity, after the amazing response the cancer campaign received.


Click here >> find out more about what we are doing and why


I personally have loved seeing my news feed full of all my gorgeous friends, despite some of the moronic male comments, but was, like all my other coaches, upset by the number of photos that were accompanied by self-deprecating comments.


The trend in itself is fantastic and resonates with us here at Ditch the Diet because this is what we wholeheartedly believe in – stripping back the media nonsense, helping women to take control back, get healthy and regain their sparkle as they change their mindset and start to love themselves again.


We just wish women had the confidence to spend more time free from the pressures to look flawless.


This got me thinking about confidence, self worth and how easily we apologise for who we are. This is usually because somewhere down the line, for whatever reason, we have learned to worry about what other people are thinking of us, or what we perceive they are thinking of us.


I want to share with you a personal story, about my own journey I guess. I grew up with very little self worth, never feeling good enough. I always wanted to be a bit taller, for my legs to be thinner, to be a better sports woman, to be a bit more intelligent.


I look back now and that makes me feel very sad. I never concentrated on what I was good at and what I enjoyed, I am a creative, loving and spiritual soul and I never saw my worth.


There are reasons for this of course, but that’s for another day.


Over the years, I have trained as a counsellor as well as spending time having counselling and have come to find peace with who I am. I managed to turn the negatives on their head and see them as positives.


Yes… I had a drive to be perfect, and I still do, but that makes me good at the things I do and I don’t fall apart when I now make a mistake.


I have learned so much from the me that was then, the me that was lacking self worth forever putting myself last, I now put all of this into the way I live now and bring up my children.


Children who are happy, confident and self-assured, children who will always be encouraged to be exactly who they dream of being – despite the complications that come with it!


What a difference that encouragement and praise makes, where they don’t feel embarrassed to stand out from the crowd for whatever reason, and it doesn’t matter to them if someone is better.


I wonder why we aren’t so easily able to do this for ourselves?


We can be our own worst enemies… we make mistakes and berate ourselves or ‘expect’ others to.


Someone is nasty to us, we get bitter, angry or worst we retaliate, rather than realising it’s the other person who has the problem, not us.


We choose not to understand that the woman at work is bringing us down because she sees a spark in us that she desperately wants but won’t take a risk to achieve it.


Allowing these things to affect us, our confidence and our journey is where we falter and what we must remember is that it is about their hang ups their confidence, their issues and their behaviour.


Personally I wear my heart of my sleeve, I feel hurt acutely, I can’t lift the heaviest, I only read once in a blue moon, I am crap at sprinting, I want to be faster hitting pads, I talk too much, I wear glasses, I swear a lot, I am loyal, I care about people I don’t even know, I trust people – but so what, why should these things be a negative or triumph to anyone else?


I get joy from doing all of those things – they make me happy, and that’s the point, right?


Some people might not like me, but honestly, that’s up to them. What you see is what you get and to all those who love me for it, I love you right back for being you too.


Being confident is about loving yourself for who you are and being open about it – not ashamed.


It is about being brave enough to stand back from the crowd, being just who you are. It is about surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you and who lift you up.


It is about jumping in headfirst and doing all the things you have always wanted to do but have never done because you fear what others will think. It’s crazy to let that hold you back or consume you.


So leave all their drama behind and spend that time and energy on doing something for you. If you want to wear no makeup, then do so, but be free to not wear it  without worrying about other peoples opinions.


If you want to sky dive, drive a monster truck, do a pull up, ask that man for a date… just go ahead and do it, it really is that simple.


It has taken the no make up selfie to bring this home to myself and many of our other coaches, we just hope in the coming months you too can start to take control of who you are and not worry about the thoughts of others – Instead focussing on becoming the best version of you you can be.


Charlotte Thompson is the coach for Durham if you would like to get involved with her group please follow the link – – >


Or see if you can click here to find a coach in your area

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