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The hype around getting ‘beach ready’ and the marketing aimed at the whole ‘bikini’ body image this time of year is ridiculous

I am sure you’ve seen pictures, articles, headlines and adverts using the buzz words, or words that make us feel entirely worthless when it comes to showing off our ‘inadequate’ bodies

We are shown images all the time of how society EXPECTS us to look.

You only have to casually stroll around your local supermarket to be hit from every angle possible by scantily clad men and women telling us how easy it is to look the way they do.

That’s nice for them…

(2 kids, a demanding [but loving] husband, and full time job kinda makes it a bit more difficult, believe me)

I hope they are happy and I hope the publishers are very happy with their money from the endorsements of whatever products made it ‘easy’ for them.

The truth is, we need to see BEYOND these images.

We need to use our common sense and realise that this was NOT easy for them; most of these people work day in, day out to achieve the body they have.

Usually with personal nutritionists, trainers, not forgetting photoshop and lighting

Resources I am sure you don’t have at your disposal every day

The truth is it wasn’t easy for them, and they should not be trying to suggest it would be easy for us!

Is it possible to look past the glossy (and often airbrushed) images and see their struggle? Not just to get where they are, but then CONTINUE to look the way they do?

Are we aspiring to look like the person, or to lead their lifestyle? And, will we be happy when we get there?

I doubt it… few can!

Why, you ask? (here comes the brutal part)

put simply we are not happy with who we are, how we look, or the lives we lead,

We kid ourselves, we put up a front, and we tell everyone, including those closest everything is fine… but…

This isn’t what we signed up for

And regardless of weightloss we feel the same

We constantly compare ourselves to others

We don’t feel happy unless we are at a certain number


And ultimately when we don’t compare up to our own expectations or look like the models in the pictures we become disheartened

Revert back to our old ways and start the slide back to where we were

At Ditch The Diet we understand this

That’s why we work on your mind-set, and self image as much as we do your diet

We create lasting change in your head, not just your plate… that’s why we are much more than a diet group

And why we create such long lasting success with our members

FACT IS… Unless you are mentally ready to shift your lifestyle and attitude, how can you expect to shift the weight?

So whilst you are dreaming of your ‘bikini body’ or being ‘beach ready’ (whatever that is!), learn to enjoy and love the body you have.

Put a bikini on, go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Colette Cooper is currently changing lives in Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City using Ditch The Diet program. She is currently running 3 groups in these areas contact her below to find out more about her next program

Colette is also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach. You can contact her at

ALTERNATIVELY if you are not from the Stevenage area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now join us online by entering your details on our home page


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