Are you your own worst enemy…

Your eating is good, your goals are in sight, and you are losing weight.   But…   That chocolate cake just keeps screaming at you from the cupboard, and before long you have decided your favourite treat is worth more than hitting your goals…   What!?   Is that true?   You value the 5 […]

Did you get your free ditch the diet ebook?

Ditch the diet was all started a few years ago upon the writing of the ditch the diet ebook.   Download the book here (just leave your details) –>   The book was initially written to simply dispel some of the myths people have to suffer when it comes to achieving a healthier waistline and […]

The inconvenience of protein

The inconvenience of protein

As I sit down to write this article I am chewing, chewing with gusto, but, more on that later. Sports nutrition, like anything in the world of health can swing around in trends. Through the 80’s and 90’s it was all about carbohydrates, eat carbs, you’re an athlete; eat lots of them to fuel your […]