Ditch The Diet… What’s not to love?!
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Ditch The Diet is gradually gathering pace throughout the country, with more and more women discovering how ditching the diets is the best way to achieve a happier, healthier and more confident life… Not to mention lasting weight loss!


Pauline from Hamilton is just one such women…


“Ummm so I don’t do public speaking generally because it leaves you wide open for scrutiny and criticism, but I did tonight.


And I was so enthusiastic about the subject that I overcame my fear and stood up in front of 20 odd ladies and opened up a wee bit.


you see, 7 weeks ago I began a journey, which, at the time I didn’t realise how significant it would be.


My name is Pauline and as of now I am a Ditch the Diet addict! (I’m chuckling as I typed that!) I’m probably going to have a hard time keeping on track with this cos when I get excited about something my mind buzzes off on a tangent.


I have tried pretty much every diet going and failed every time, as you would expect from a fad diet. I was disgruntled, miserable, and I needed something new, exciting and positive in my life.


Thats when I discovered Ditch The Diet.


Our mentor / class leader / nutcase (in the nicest possible way) is Rachael Watson and she helps make DTD the most fun you can have on a Monday night in a public place with a bunch of ladies (!).


It’s truly inspirational, life changing and totes amazeballs!!


I have learned loads of fascinating stuff, and my life has changed immeasurably for the better.


I suffer from fibromyalgia (a fatigue illness) and I have an intolerance to gluten / wheat. What I have learned about food has completely turned my eating habits on their head. And my flatter stomach thanks DTD for that!

Another major benefit of the Monday fun class is the mindset part of the course. My brain had basically been flooded for nearly 20 years into thinking food was the enemy and I MUST count every tiny microscopic calorie entering my mouth.


Carbs are bad, protein is good, red, green, points, checks, shakes, pills…. arrrrrghhhhhhh I was brainwashed and I was done <- – – All probably part of my weight problem to be honest


But I want to eat, not swallow pills or slimy shakes full of feck knows what!! DTD is teaching me I can and I can love food again. And more importantly it’s teaching me to love me for me.


Positivity is another massive integral part of the structure, I’m quite a self-lambasting person, I’ll praise, encourage and congratulate others till the grass fed organic cows come home but when it comes to me… I can always do better, in my opinion.


Ditch The Diet is gradually showing me that taking responsibility for my life is a good thing, but if I have an off day… so what? – – > No one is perfect, how boring would that be!!


I’m me, and I actually love that now when people judge me I understand it’s their problem, not mine and use it as a chance to be sympathetic towards them and help them where I can.


I’m quite an easy target to be honest, bright blue hair, tattoos and sometimes quirky dress sense but I’m me, and now I know how to just love me. Anyhoo, I’m off topic but I just can’t state enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ditch The Diet, its changed my life :-D


It’s opened up a whole new way of thinking and eating and most importantly – living. I can’t wait for the rest of the course!


For anyone who is reading this who is sick of diets that are full of false promises and and shot term solutions, maybe it’s time you tried Ditch The Diet.”


You can reach Rachael, Paulines Coach, in Hamilton simply by following the link below.



look for another coach in your area by following here http://coach.ditchthedietuk.com


You can find the original post over on rachaels website personal website by following this link >> http://www.personaltrainerhamilton.co.uk/blog/what-pauline-thinks-about-ditch-the-diet

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