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I constantly find myself asking a number of questions regarding the increasing obesity statistics in the UK and the failed dieting attempts of most people…


  • Why the struggle with health, fitness and optimal body weight?
  • Why the increase in obesity?
  • Why, despite the growing nutrition and weight loss services available do the problems not appear to be getting any smaller?


Surely there is something amiss, is this industry failing us or are we just not using enough ‘willpower’ to succeed?


These questions have led me to do much reading over the past few months on this very subject, and no matter where I look there is always one common trait…


The word diet and more specifically the use of this word in the context of weight loss as defined below


A special course of food, to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons’

What is the problem with that? I hear you ask.




Other than medical reasoning neither human nature, nor the brain responds well to drastic changes to our lifestyles or ‘diet’. It can set us up for some short term progress but will result in eventual relapse or perceived failure at some point, reducing your chances of ever succeeding.


I can think of nothing else in life, other than diets, that we expect so much from our bodies!


Marathon running for example – Imagine you have not run more than 4 miles before, then out of nothing you decide one night you want to run a marathon, you wake up the following morning put your trainers on and set off outside to run your marathon.


Would you really expect your body or brain to succeed with this challenge?


Would you ever  even dream of attempting this?


I am hoping the answer is no!


Instead you would train up to it, increasing your mileage week by week in small achievable chunks, as well as looking at other aspects that would help keep you healthy and fit to achieve your challenge, such as strength training, massages, nutrition, etc, etc.


So why in nutrition do the majority of people insist and believe it to be logical to take such harsh steps, which are all too common in the weight loss industry, and expect to be successful with their weight loss goal?


How many of us have woke up some morning and said, ‘Right that’s it, I am going to eat healthy now’, and off we charge head first into a lifestyle change that would make Hannah Montana’s transformation into Miley Cyrus look tame.


A U-turn in our lives that very few could even dream about maintaining or sticking with, yet we expect our bodies and brain to take it all on board and miracles to happen overnight.


For some people this may work, but these people are not the people stuck on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round, for those who are stuck in this cycle the fact you are still on it suggests the all-out change approach hasn’t worked in the past.


And let’s be honest, if it hasn’t worked in the past it’s unlikely it’s going to work in the future.


Maybe its time to change your thinking


Maybe you need to change your approach, stop relying on the short termism of the current weight loss strategists out there and maybe try a new way.


Maybe the time has come to start looking at making small manageable lifestyle changes which are achievable and above all else maintainable, finally helping you achieve the long term success you have craved for so long.


Ditch The Diet really wants to help you with all this, step by step we will help you reach your ultimate goal by introducing education and change which your body and brain will find easily manageable.


If you are ready to step of the cycle simply enter your name and email address on our home page to receive your free e-book or look for a coach near you who can help you get started.


Gemma Boal – Ditch The Diet coach for Lincoln


Email – for more information on Ditch The Diet in Lincoln

Look for a coach near you – – >


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