“This is the first time in years I have lost weight!”
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I have always been a large girl, I was always told that our family jeans are large. I met my husband 21 years ago we got engaged and I vowed I was not going to be a fat bride. My weight loses story begins.
I joined Weight Watchers! Through the stress of arranging a wedding I indeed lost the 34 pounds to get to the goal weight set. Within 6 months a stone was back on. Two children later and a lot of money spent going to weight loss groups I now have 6 stone to lose to be of a healthy weight.
I had seen Ditch the Diet on Facebook  and thought why on give that a go. By doing the little steps Ditch the Diet sets each week and listening to my body – it has changed me.  This is the first time in years I have lost weight! I know life will always throw up stresses, it’s the way I deal with them that counts.
So far I have also learned that pleasing everyone is not always the best answer for me and I need to stand up and be counted.
We have a few more weeks to go, I am excited to see where it takes us.
Heather (coach) has been and is great, she knows what she is talking about.
In the past I have been sent to the dietitian through my doctor because of my weight and she never went through half the information Ditch the Diet and Heather has.
Keep up the good work and hopefully the government will stop promoting slimming groups and endorse Ditch the Diet with leaders who know what they are speaking about.

Kate – Ditch the Diet member (Ellon, Aberdeenshire) – November 2015

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