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Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.48.39Ditch the diet was all started a few years ago upon the writing of the ditch the diet ebook.


Download the book here (just leave your details) –>


The book was initially written to simply dispel some of the myths people have to suffer when it comes to achieving a healthier waistline and help them understand a healthier way to achieve the body they desire.


Following its release and subsequent success the writers set up a local female only weight loss group to help share and teach the principles of the group helping members to finally leave behind the dieting philosophy which had plagued them since there teenage years.


The success of this group was beyond what could of been hoped for transforming the lives of the all of the attendees at which point it was rolled out across the country.


We will soon be in over 40 locations and cannot wait to grow further helping people all over the UK finally ditch the diets that are preventing them from progressing to the healthful weight and lifestyle that they crave.


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