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It is really hard to know what we want because we have about a million outside influences that penetrate our consciousness and present us with false ideals.

With all this going on it really is easy to feel confused and misled about what you ‘should’ be aiming for.

For example…

‘I should be thinner’

‘I should be more toned’

‘I should have a thigh gap’

‘I should have a flat tummy’

Should you really? Why… because popular culture and media says so?

you don’t NEED TO BE anything and the only thing you SHOULD be is happy in your own skin and chasing your own goals and ambitions

It took me a long time to come to terms with this notion, but eventually I learned to understand that me, myself and I am perfect enough the way we are… I still want to succeed and progress, but now ONLY in line with my own core values.

(My brain, my body and my soul, all just perfect the way they are and I love every cell in my body. < – – THIS you ‘should’ do!)

It just takes us a little while to create this feeling for oneself, to get to this point is no mean feat, you must let go of all of the things that YOU THOUGHT YOU ‘SHOULD’ DO.

I had to too…

I thought I should be a top age group triathlete, I was coached for a year, got pretty good but… REALLY injured, so when it came to compete I couldn’t run. I ended up malnourished and having a whole year off training because it damaged my body and mind so much!

I thought that I should have a super uber fitness business, I looked at all of my idols in the industry and thought that looks amazing, so I chased it for a bit, and actually didn’t like who I was becoming… 3 years on I am super stoked that I got back to my values and put the focus back on my small but mighty business where I help real ladies, just like you, every day.

I thought that I should have a cover model body, because that’s what society says I should have… doesn’t it? So I tried it, but luckily I discovered VERY quickly that the super strict regimes, and obsessive nature of the process wasn’t for me… Life is about way more than that.

In reality I didn’t want any of these, and I reflect now and understand that I wanted them simply because its what my influences were chasing, and I was desperate to be like them… Forgetting my dreams and aspirations along the way

These are all things that I once wanted (sorry… THOUGHT I wanted) that I let go of because they didn’t fit with MY CORE VALUES, ultimately they were just me following the crowd.

I now work every day to develop my body and mind, I don’t overdo it but I do set long-term goals. Reconciling what I want from life with a day-by-day plan, to get there, to climb the proverbial mountain one step at a time.

Much like we encourage individuals on the Ditch the diet program to do.

Life is about more than dieting… we are not suggesting for one moment its not a good idea to lose weight (if you really need to) just that you need to accept who you are before you can truly be successful, and make sure it is your dream you are chasing, not that of someone else.

I encourage you to dig into what you really want, what genuinely makes you stupidly happy every day.

* Is it being able to take your kids to the park and being fit enough play with them?

* Is it sitting down for a family meal every day where you all talk about the things that you are grateful for in your day?

* Is it being able to travel to faraway lands and have amazing experiences without worrying about putting on a few extra kilos in ‘holiday weight’

And then LIVE ACCORDINGLY so you can achieve these and enjoy them to the fullest

It’s not for me (or anyone else) to tell you what you dreams are, that’s for you to discover… Luckily you already KNOW what they are, you just may need to dig a little

(take notice of the small things each day that truly make you smile. Those are the things that you really want)

I assure you worrying about your weight and thigh gap will not factor on any list of things that make you smile deep.

Smelling your children’s hair when they give you a big cuddle, walking in the warm summer rain, sitting by the sea and listening to the waves, holding the hand of the person that you love. Might just do


Hi I’m Nicola and I’m a personal trainer and ditch the diet coach for Leicester. I help overweight ladies get into great shape, working on their bodies and minds to build a strong woman from the inside out. I love what I do, and it gives me insane levels of happiness to see ladies changing and coming to love their amazing bodies for what they are, not what they wish them to be.

Here is a link to my ditch the diet page where you can download our free e-book and get cracking with becoming happier, healthier and more confident every single day!

ALTERNATIVELY… if you are not in the Leicester area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now JOIN US ONLINE by entering your details on our home page


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