“I’ve become a lot more positive and in control of my life!”
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Firstly just thought I’d give you some background on me… I’m 27, suffered with anorexia aged 15-16 which then developed into bulimia in my early twenties and over the last years binge eating disorder. And I’ve had anxiety and depression to boot… So yeah pretty f**d up when it comes to food/mood.

I’m about halfway through the Ditch the Diet course and I’ve noticed some big changes in myself.

Firstly my overall mood is the best it’s been in years. I actually had a discussion with my counselor last week and realised that I’m no longer depressed!

At Ditch the Diet you focus a lot on making all of your life a more positive place if that makes sense? It’s quite a holistic approach. I’ve become a lot more positive and in control of my life and it’s been great to be in a group of people supporting each other and able to speak freely.

My approach to food has also improved greatly, I can go for meals with friends and let people cook for me without having a meltdown, which hasn’t happened in years, and I’m fueling myself much better the majority of the time.

My weight hasn’t gone down yet… But it hasn’t gone up either. Like I said my bulimia morphed into binge eating disorder and I was having 6000 calorie binges pretty much every other day. This now only happens about once a week and I eat far better in between. This week were doing emotional eating in our meeting and I think that will be a big game changer for me.

Overall I’ve found it so helpful. Some ingrained rules and confusions I’ve had for years have begun to be changed.

Rosie – Ditch the Diet Member (Macclesfield)

If you would like to start your own journey with Ditch the Diet – check out our website to find out if we have a group near you: www.ditchthedietuk.com

Alternatively – our next ONLINE group begins at the end of October and you can join our free information webinar by clicking here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4704070653608068865

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