I’ve lost 11 pounds, which isn’t far from my goal!
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” I went along to the first meeting of Ditch The Diet, not sure what to expect.  I can truly say it’s been very educational.

I’m not one for faddy diets, I believe that all food in moderation is best.  Unfortunately, my problem is portion control, but I’ve learnt about the foods which keep you feeling full for longer, and over the weeks, I’ve reduced my portions, as I’m not hungry, and I no longer have the urge to snack.  I’ve also learnt to shop for, and try different foods.  I’m eating far more fruit and vegetables, and I’m cooking more meals from scratch.

I’ve lost 11 pounds, which isn’t far from my goal, and I feel I’ve changed my eating habits with ease.  Another bonus I don’t have such a sweet tooth, which was bad previously.  At a recent check up with my gp he said blood pressure is the best it has been since 2008.

Heather is an excellent, encouraging instructor, who makes the classes entertaining.  She’s very down to earth and has empathy for all the class.

Mabel – Ditch the Diet Member – Ellon (Aberdeenshire)


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