The future finally seems like a place I want to live in, not just exist!
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“I have always struggled with my weight. Coming from a family who are ultra fit and very food conscious I often felt as though I had failed them.

I hated my body, hated the thought of going out and getting dressed up, occasions were a nightmare, I couldn’t wait to get home and put on my comfy pyjamas. I was bored so is eat, my days were unpleasant and my comfort was to eat watching TV.

I wanted to change but it felt too hard, I was embarrassed, defensive and desperate.
I had trusted too many people in the past that didn’t have my best interests at heart and I felt exposed.
I had lost all understanding of food, what was right, what wasn’t and was thoroughly confused.

I saw Colette around the school that my children go to, I had watched her for a while. She seemed approachable, confident and kind. After a few chats I realised she wasn’t going to tell me where I was going wrong, where I had gone wrong or why my whole life around food was wrong.

Something told me that this was a different approach. That I would have an education. There was honesty from the get go, I wasn’t getting told off and there was no magic quick fix.

There was no pressure just kindness and I felt a genuine want to actually help me and see me succeed. All the other diet clubs I had attended (and there have been many) felt like a conveyor belt system, “get in, weigh, be praised, get told off, leave, eat pizza and chips, starve myself for the rest of the week”

I knew this couldn’t continue and I was being given a chance to learn why I continued on this cycle.

The first thing I was really surprised at was I wasn’t embarrassed into getting weighed in front of a crowed, next I was told I could actually eat pizza, cheese and chocolate if I want to” I didn’t have to starve myself, sin myself, point myself or justify myself. My measurements were taken (at my request) and that was it! I got to speak about my family, my job, my worries and what makes me happy.

I got to know others and their stories and then every week I had a really productive lesson on all sorts of contributing factors. Hormones, stress, mindset! Lots of reason why I had been making certain choices. At this point I had a light bulb ahha moment, “I wasn’t greedy and disgusting and stupid”. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed learning. The gut health weeks were a real Insight into why my body worked a certain way. Finally I was surprised at how I had begun to relax and view my day very very differently.

For a while I found the new ethos of “if you want it, have it” difficult. I struggled with eating full fat. It took me a while to realise all the low fat, half fat, no fat had other ingredients that did not serve me. Having grown up on these products, it took me a while to understand I could make different choices. I found releasing all guilt difficult, but with the help and encouragement of Colette and the group, I soon realised I didn’t have to carry such baggage around with me all the time and I could jump off of the guilt train any time I liked. I found other people’s attitude difficult at times, they wanted to hear how I’d began losing weight and wasn’t satisfied with my answer. One lady actually asked what tablets I was taking to help me shift the weight!

I could talk about the level of support all day but to sum up, “without Colette cooper and Ditch the Diet, I would not be the person I am today”

Colette is patient, kind, understanding, so so knowledgable and desperately wants to see me and others succeed.
I could check in any time I felt I needed to, Colette sends friendly messages daily and emails, never talking about food, never pushing for information on what I’ve eaten, just a “hi, how are you doing?”
The private Facebook page is a lovely way to get ideas and ask for thoughts or to share what has been going on in my day.

There’s video clips on FB of situations you may find yourself in and how to over come them.
Most importantly though, there is compassion, I have finally found someone who understands, who wants to help and who actually has the knowledge and experience to do so. How lucky am I?

The future finally seems like a place I want to live in, not just exist through.
I want to go out. I can finally take my children swimming, to the fair and get on a ride with them without the panic of “will I fit in the seat”

Jo Holmes – Ditch the Diet member (Stevenage) – November 2015

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