I just cant get no… Sleep!
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You know them people, the ones that have lived an entire day before the sun even rears its head over the horizon?

The people who check into the gym on Facebook before you’ve even managed to hit the switch on the kettle?

The ones that annoy the hell out of you,

that secretly you admire but cannot even dream of how you could get to that stage

That’s me. I’m annoying and proud.

I never used to be…

I wasn’t always like this, I am sure I used to be just like you

Hitting the snooze button AT LEAST 3 times before even considering a feeble attempt to crawl from under the duvet, especially this time of year as the weather starts to close in

Feeling like it would take another nights sleep just to get over the last crappy night, and feeling like the first coffee will barely even touch the surface

Its not nice, and hard to even imagine how people could be so inconsiderate to live there lives BEFORE 8am

However… it’s not as hard as you think, in fact if I did it I am sure everyone can

So how could YOU change your morning persona from grumpy and snoozy, to energetic and productive?

Firstly, you have to WANT to change, its like anything, the start of the process is the hardest, the bit where you decide you want better for your self, the chance to actually create a different future

You have to be willing to change the way you ordinarily do things, like you have to with the Ditch The Diet program

Because if you don’t GENUINLEY want to change nothing ever will, regardless of what program you are on

Nonetheless once you HAVE decided to change it’s a simple case of implementing the processes

And if you do want to enjoy your day rather than just getting through like you are now you only need to focus on two simple things

Bedtime routine…. and improving your diet so it is rich in single ingredient foods.

Bedtime routine isn’t just for kids. Most of us sleep with our phones next to or even IN our beds nowadays. Don’t even try and deny it. You’ve done it! I have done it, in fact I think most of modern society does it now.

The thing is its madness, its like having a little satellite next to your brain to attract all the signals in and around the house… don’t believe try for just 1 week with your phone off and in another room, both you and your partner… You will be staggered y the difference it makes

Do it as part of your edtime routine, amongst a couple of other things

This is mine

> iPad, phone and laptop go off half an hour before I go to bed

> I have something small to eat – usually a banana or some dark chocolate (These are both great to stimulate your sleep hormones)

> I write in my awesome journal. I write about everything that has been awesome about that day my victories and achievements, we all have them EVERYday, we ust need to pay them more attention

Writing is the thing I do when I want to relax. I have NOTEBOOK upon NOTEBOOK full of random stuff. Maybe you should try that one night if you’re finding it difficult to sleep. A good thing to do would be to write down 3 things that you were grateful for about that day, and then the 3 most important things you must do the following day. Let’s call it a ‘mind dump’. It will rest your subconscious and allow you to fall asleep easier.

Good quality sleep is ESSENTIAL to fat loss. Critical.

That is something that all my clients will work on at some point in their journey with me. Don’t get me wrong, it takes time and effort to work on getting good quality sleep but you can become the annoying morning person! Trust me!

Your body’s physiological and psychological repair and re-build happens between the hours of 10pm and 6am – so these are the best hours to be asleep.

Try creating a “cavern” between these hours. Make your bedroom dark and calm. There should be no TV in your bedroom. TV is a massive time waster anyway and it would be a good idea to remove your TV from your bedroom.

Get to bed a little bit earlier. Get up a little bit earlier and make the most of your day. This is also going to help you make sure you have time to have a good breakfast in the morning. There’s nothing worse than sleeping in, and then rushing around all morning and skipping breakfast. You’re only putting your body through undue stress – no good if losing weight is your goal!

* Switch the TV off.
* Switch the electronic devices off and keep them away from your bed. They emit “blue light” which will disturb your sleep.
* Listen to music if it calms you.
* Write down your feelings and stresses and don’t take them to bed with you.
* Sleep between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Be consistent with your routine – your body LOVES routine and will respond very well to it. Within a few weeks, you should see noticeable positive changes to the quality of your sleep which, in turn, will aid your weight loss mission!

Sleep well, darlings.



Rachael is a personal trainer and Ditch the Diet coach based in Leigh & Atherton. She has been working with women to achieve their weight loss goals for the past 6 years through education on nutrition & exercise. If you would like to join her local Ditch the Diet group – make sure you register your name and email address here:


or contact Rachael at walkthetalkpt@gmail.com for MORE information on her local groups.

ALTERNATIVELY… if you are not in the Leigh area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now JOIN US ONLINE by entering your details on our home page http://ditchthedietuk.com



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