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Online Ditch the Diet Member

Joanne Lynn – Online Ditch the Diet Member


To fully understand my problems with my weight I have to go back to 2007 – I lost my husband in very tragic circumstances and for first two weeks after probably didn’t eat much at all.

I’ve always been underweight my whole life and after coping with the funeral etc, I couldn’t cope with cooking – so started eating take aways and junk food. Fast forward 2 years and my weight had gone to 11 stone but the funny thing was I was still a Size 10!

In 2010 I took up running in an attempt to beat personal demons and control my weight and fast forward another four years I had still not lost more than 1/2 stone. I started experimenting with diets but have too much of a sweet tooth!

Fast forward again to this year (2015) and I discovered and signed up for Ditch The Diet online, which has literally been a life saver, I no longer obsess about what I eat as long as it’s healthy and naturally sourced, I’m back at the gym and loving life.

I’ve not lost any weight but have shed several inches from my body and nearly 4% body fat, all thanks to Rachael Watson and Ditch The Diet.

To anyone having doubts about signing up to the online course just do it you’ll be glad you did, thanks Rachael for giving me my life back and finally shedding the diet mentality.


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