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Everyone fears coming back from holiday having put on weight, fearing undoing all the good work they did before the holiday.

I am no different, well I wasn’t until I looked at how you can use your time to lose weight on holiday and continue your good work, without having to sacrifice the indulgence and enjoyment of it all

Hence having just come back from a delightful 7-day break in Cornwall I now feel refreshed and energised for the months ahead

So how can you use your holiday to continue improving even though your alcohol intake may perhaps not sit ‘within government recommended’ guidelines!


We are all guilty of not having enough sleep and I rarely get more than six hours a night. On holiday this can change dramatically, with all the extra time 8 hours per night should be easy… you may even be able to throw in a couple of power naps throughout the day.

You see sleep is where the magic happens. Our bodies repair, our muscles build and our body is calm. Personally this is something that has always been a barrier to my goals so catching up on zzzzz’s has worked wonders for me.

Home V’s Holiday Exercise

For most of us, making time for exercise will come far down on the priority list. We get up, grab 5 minutes of time for us (brushing our teeth, running comb through our hair) and then it’s full on to get the kids up, ready and out the door before we can even THINK about our own exercise needs.

For many of us that stressful time before we have to get the kids out of the door is the ONLY exercise we will get. Before we sit in a car, to get to a desk job and sit down all day.

I know that if I don’t exercise in the morning, the likelihood of it not happening is extremely strong.

However on holiday, exercise kind of, well just HAPPENS.

We haven’t got that stress at the start of the day. We tend to walk to places because we have the time. If we are abroad its highly likely that we won’t have a car, so you have to walk everywhere, and quite possibly with a heavy bag of shopping/clothes/towels.

We spent our days in the pool or sea. We run around with the kids more, spend the evening dancing or playing. If you tally your active hours up on holiday, compared to at home, you are probably MORE active!

Lovely food

I have a rule when I go away that where possible I always try to order their local produce. Those if you who like the Collypower Facebook page would have seen me posting lots of fresh fish recipes that I would never try and home.

Expand your taste buds, and learn to indulge in quality foods, you may find you come home realising you enjoy a wider variety of food than you though previously, and this is always good for improved health

Doing nothing!

We all fear that doing nothing is the thing that is preventing us from losing weight, however it can help… you see, we spend our lives stressed to the max with a never ending list of tasks and chores to carry out, holiday can be oh so different!

And its often the stress of home life that is preventing you from losing weight!

How many times do we truly get to relax, I mean FULLY relax and switch off?

Not often right? On holiday all this changes and what better way to switch off than with a drink or two taking in the stunning views, or lay back and listen to nature around us.

Renewed interest in your goals

Holiday can be an occasion to enjoy some quality time with your family that you miss out on at home, equally it can be a time for quiet reflection and revisiting your goals, renewing your interest and setting some new ones.

A time to realise what is important to you and what you want to chase when you get home… health, happiness, more time with family, more energy, all of which can be achieved through the ditch the diet program

I know by the time my holiday came to an end I was itching to do a bit more exercise, eat healthier and start moving forward again in my health and fitness.

So before you feel GUILTY about that break away take a look at the benefits above. It’s well deserved and well needed. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

And if you are just arriving back and really want to change your life moving forward Ditch The Diet is here to help and truly will offer you something different to the other genetic eat less do more weight loss groups around


Colette Cooper is currently changing lives in Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City using Ditch The Diet program. She is currently running 3 groups in these areas contact her below to find out more about her next program

Colette is also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach. You can contact her at

ALTERNATIVELY if you are not from the Stevenage area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now JOIN US ONLINE by entering your details on our home page


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