Ditch The Diet before you become just another obesity statistic
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How can it be that despite the rising number of dieticians, health specialists, exercise coaches and special diets that the obesity epidemic of the 21st century continues to grow – at speed?


For years the diet industry has focused solely on the calorific surplus / deficit to deal with the growing obesity epidemic and here at Ditch the Diet we fear this is part of the problem.


Yes – If you create a calorific deficit weight loss will ensue, but the body adapts, it slows the metabolic rate, lowering your BMR, making it harder to lose weight at your current consumption levels.


The only way to continue is to reduce the calories again, and again, until you reach such a point at which the calories you are consuming do not contain the sufficient nutrient and mineral content to support your bodies functioning, and health issues arise.


Luckily most people give up before this point, well before this point, there is only so much deprivation and hunger you can take, especially when there is a superstore down the road that provides more than enough food for you to be eternally satisfied.


At this point your willpower is called into question, and so on, the cycle begins and that’s you fully ingrained into the yo-yo diet cycle for life.


Gaining a few pounds, losing a few pounds, but over the course of your life slowly increasing the weight that your structure must carry, accepting it as part of the ageing process.


We want to help you stop this.


Its time you stepped of the yo-yo and started to understand that while calorific deficit will result in weight loss initially it is only one facet of a complicated web of elements – As you can see from the picture below.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 07.45.33

To see the full web in action click here > > Obesity system influence diagram


Hopefully you can see from the pic that there are far more things to take into account than simple calories if you want to become more than just another obesity statistic.


And the statistics aren’t good


  • By 2050 the government predicts that 50% of women and 24% of children will be ‘obese’ not overweight, but obese.


  • Success rate of current diet groups is less than 20%


In fact, a former slimming club director has said


“Our slimming club is successful because 84% of people have to come back and do it again”


Ditch The Diet takes a far more holistic approach to dieting, looking at lifestyle factors, self-confidence, food quality, sleep, hydration, exercise, educating as we go on the importance of each aspect of your life.


Only by correcting each piece as you travel along your journey can you be expected to transform your life, for the rest of your life and ditch the diets for good.


For some this will happen very quickly, for others it can be like taking one brick away at a time, knowing that daily you improve and become a healthier version of yourself with each passing week/month until you finally achieve the goal you set out to achieve.


For everyone the journey will have a different look, but its important you start looking for an answer other than just another diet, the sooner you do this the sooner you will get you your life back.


Ditch The Diet is here to help >> Click here for your free e-book and to learn of new groups that will be opening in your area soon


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