Your scales are lying to you…
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For those of you who decided this year was going to be the one you finally stuck to your diet and go the body you deserve.


How are you doing?


Have you finally ditched all the weight you set out to lose, or, if not, are you able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, a light that is helping you finally see a life without diets.


Unfortunately for more than 80% of people who started diets it’s likely they gave up on them ages ago.


It’s always the case, you start the year with all the good intentions in the world but somewhere along the line you lose focus and fall back into your old ways


Why is this?


Could it be your over reliance with the value on the scales?


Where all your hard work will either by validated or condemned by the ordinarily mundane values staring back at you from the display.


That’s right,


Numbers that ordinarily would hold no fear or meaning all of a sudden thrust judgment and validation on your very existence


No matter how successful you may be, or how much progress you have made in the last 4 weeks, the number staring back at you from the scales can undo all that in a heartbeat




Why should an irrelevant number that, in reality, tells you nothing about yourself, who you are, or the progress you are making hold such significance when it comes to your mood and confidence?


So much so that it often resides over whether you continue with your lifestyle improvements or not?


This unfortunate response, far from normal or even rational, is the consistently prevailing response we experienced when women are asked to step on the scales.


The joy or the sadness that follows this giant leap onto the scales is entirely unwarranted either way.


The scales ultimately tell you nothing but your own personal relationship with gravity.


Here’s the thing,


Regardless of your own thoughts about the scales, whether you stand on them or not, you are what you are, you weigh what you weigh, and the number staring back at you is only reflecting what you know already.


Further than this,


Is your response a natural response, a response born by your own personal experience, or is it something more…


…Is it indeed a response thrust upon you by society and the media, or even by your mother who has bee on the perpetual diet cycle your whole life?


Worst than this could it be the leaders of your chosen diet group who have lead you to fear what the scales say about you?


Only you know,


BUT you need to look deep to find the answer, first rationalize the experience, and remove the fear.


While writing this piece I saw a status update


“Judging your health, happiness and body shape by jumping on the scales is like judging how good your life is by looking your bank account.


Possibly relevant but a very incomplete story….”


Yes, the scales can give some important feedback to your progress but it’s not the be all and end all.


We see way too often women who forget everything as soon as they step on the scales.


Out the window goes the


  • Better sleep patterns
  • The better energy levels
  • The fact that your partner is looking at you in a whole new light


and finally who cares that your trousers fell down the other day because you have ran out of holes on your belt.


Yeah, why would any of that matter when the scales say you have put a pound on?


This insanity has to stop, the scales are but one indicator of the progress you are making, and regardless of what the diet clubs, and magic pill providers would have you believe, the scales do not represent the whole story or indeed who you are as a person.



The scales are just one piece of the jigsaw that over time will reflect the health, lifestyle and food choices you make, they may go up, they will go down over time but as long as you focus on improving your health and make consistently positive changes you will end up with the body you desire, regardless of what the scales say.


So next time you decide its time you drop that excess weight, why not try ditch the diet and see how we can help you fully understand all the facets that are involved in exactly what it takes to get down to your goal…. & Stay there


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