Thank you Ditch the Diet for making me smile again!
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“When I found DTD it was completely by accident. I had been searching nutrition and exercise on Facebook hoping to find something that made sense to me. The year before I had done some research into ‘diets’ as being the biggest I had ever been after giving birth to my last baby I was struggling to move about, felt unhappy and knew something had to change. So I joined a well known diet group, the weight started to fall off and I started to move about more freely.. However, I found myself craving sugary foods more than ever and having a blow out every weekend after weigh in. Then came the guilt! I went on like this for months until I started to feel miserable.. Utterly miserable and so so tired! I assumed it was just me until I sat down and really thought about what it was that was making me so unhappy.. My food restrictions and feeling humiliated each weigh in that I hadn’t had a big loss and feeling like I had failed. So I took heed of what I had been reading on DTD Facebook page and I did just that.. Ditched the diet! I stopped going to group and stopped restricting my food. There was no local group unfortunately but then I had an email about the first ever online group.. I listened to the free webinar and just knew this was what I needed to do.. What did I have to lose?!

I was a little apprehensive but excited and so grateful to know I wasn’t alone! It wasn’t me that had failed at my weight loss at all, I hadn’t let myself down and I had most definitely made the right decision by ditching that diet! Everything I had been taught previously is exactly what was making me feel so terrible, all the low fat, no fat and sugar free.. How do I know? Because I haven’t felt like it since! After reintroducing the right fats and being more mindful of my sugar intake along with learning about processed foods.. I FEEL better, I have more energy and I sleep better than ever before.

All the information at the start felt a little overwhelming, it was all new to me and some of the words I just had no idea what they were.. It got easier though, the more I learnt and the more I researched the more sense it all started to make. I am still learning but I think I always will be and that is the part that has me hooked! I have to admit that I did miss the weekly meets ups, the social side of the meets but I have made some fantastic friends via the group all the same. The weekly meets were also ‘MY’ time but through DTD I have learnt how to make my own ‘Me’ time and how to make it count.

The Facebook group was invaluable to myself, it was the perfect place for me to post for support from all the other ladies sharing the same journey and the DTD Coaches who were there to pop up should we need them. Amazingly I found myself answering a few of my own concerns just by typing it out.. Sometimes it takes for you to be able to see it in black and white doesn’t it?! It feels pretty awesome to be a part of something where respect, love and support for one another is standard! No judgement, just care and most of all passion!

My future is exciting.. My weight is still a work in progress but one of the bigger changes is that I went from weighing myself religiously every single day to having only weight myself THREE times since I started the online course and the last time was 6 weeks ago. Those numbers just don’t matter to me anymore.. Why? Because I am HAPPY just as I am. I am not where I want to be for my end goal but I am happy with where I am now and confident that I am on my way. My emotional and mental health have changed dramatically.. I am no longer a miserable Mamasauras to live with, I am Fun Mum again. I believe in myself again and know I deserve to be happy and that taking care of myself is not selfish but needed, self respecting and so worth it!

Thank you DTD.. For making me smile again!”


If you would like to join Ditch the Diet, we have a new online group starting in January. To find out more, make sure you are on our e-mail list and get your free Ditch the Diet e-book here:

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