snacking and weight gain… Is it your fault?
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It is a recent phenomenon.

It wasn’t even a big thing when I was a kid.

But it is becoming a big problem…. and it’s causing our waistlines to grow.

Snacking outside of normal meal times is now all too commonplace.

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The availability of chocolate bars, crisps, and sweet products everywhere we go compound the problem making it easier and easier to snack at all times of the day

A habit formed at school through the introduction of vending machines

We continue into our adulthood snacking more and more frequently in ever increasing quantities

I mean have you seen the sizes of some of these things we are snacking on; they are gargantuan

When was the last time you bought a regular size bag of crisps or chocolate bar?

More and more often the norm is becoming the grab size bag, the duo chocolate bar, 2 for a £1

And energy drinks, remember when red bull come in a 250ml can? Now we are buying cans twice that size!!!

Whatever happened to no you will spoil your dinner or these items being regarded as treats?

And why do we feel the need to consume as much as half of our calorific intake through snacking on products which provide instant gratification but little in terms of sustenance?

Do we really need them?

To be honest MOST people probably feel they do?

A combination of heavily processed, low calorie, and low nutrient breakfasts and our vulnerability to falling prey to consumerism

And supermarkets, garages, and the like all know how to prey on our senses

Promoting easy, quick, sugary treats to fill a gap at low prices on the end of aisles, cleverly marketed to us at eye level so we are drawn in.

How could we resist?

We are hopeless pawns 2 hours after a 300kcal breakfast lacking in vital nutrients providing us with little to no chance of satiety through to lunch

As our snacking habits grows in both frequency and quantity the waistband of the nation grows along with it

Calories aren’t everything that is true, however if you consistently snack on sugar laden and calorie dense foods there is only ever going to be one outcome!

But how can we change this, do we just need to move on and cut these snacks out immediately?

Or is it actually possible to keep hunger locked up til lunch?


The likelihood is it’s not going to be that easy,

Great health is not about abstinence; cutting things out that you desire deeply, removing something instantly that is part of your daily habit will just lead to greater want

Your cravings WILL get the better of you and you will reach for them again

Here at Ditch The Diet we help you with this

Help you understand WHY your cravings get the better of you

Why it is that you struggle to make it through the morning without needing that snack

Equally we don’t try and tell you, you cant ever do this or that, life is about moderation and it is about enjoying our indulgences from time to time.

we are here to help inform you on the impact the food you eat has on various systems throughout the body, mentally, physically, and emotionally as well as showing you the influence it can have on the rest of your daily habits.

we show you the importance of foods that nourish you, and will help you remove your cravings for good

we will help you keep hunger locked up till lunch, and inform you of some great tasting snacks that will do more not only for your waistline, but your health, your energy, and your mindset

we can help protect you from falling foul of the marketing tactics employed by the commercial market

and change your mindset to snacking and your meals, helping you build new life long habits.

Without a diet in sight

To find out more how you can join us ONLINE simply click the link below

or contact tiffany about any groups she may be starting soon in Southampton

Tiffany Kelsey is a PT and Ditch The Diet coach from Southampton who prides herself on her great success with clients looking to lose weight, get healthy, happy and take back control of their lives.

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