Are you still hiding your true beauty
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In days gone by I would have viewed a week with no makeup as a cruel and pointless task…


…Not even entertaining the notion that I may have grown from the experience!


Thankfully my journey so far has opened my eyes to the benefits and personal need for self-discovery and development.


So, when the idea for the already perfect week came about from he guys at Ditch The Diet I jumped on board and wiped off the slap!


Just one week later and the experience has left me feeling more at ease with my appearance, happier and more comfortable to present myself to the world as I am.


‘Nothing To Hide’ springs to mind when I now view how I’ve started looking at myself.


Believe me, this is a far greater feeling than feeling my face was ‘unacceptable for public viewing’, prior to the application of my cosmetic mask – Which was the case prior to starting this week.


I can’t believe I used to feel this way – it now just seems so absurd to view myself in that way!


I’m grateful for this awakening.


From now on I shall not dread a social encounter if I’ve not re-applied my mascara, plumped up my lips or have no heavily laden black eyes.


I’ll know that my confidence will be my biggest asset, not a manufactured bland complexion.


I actually now feel differently about how I look.


Proud of my little blemishes and ‘imperfections’.  – They are what make me, me after all!


I now see the character of my looks, not the soft sheen of a powdered cosmetic, but the multi dimensional elements of my face that show just who I am.


Quite profound how a simple unveiling of a mask can create such a shift of perception.


I hasten to add, even though I feel the week was a personal success, it was no walk in the park…


It came with its own trials and tribulations, and the thought of seeing some eye candy whilst blemished, puffy and sporting some dark circles was rather daunting, however I pulled through and still managed to bat my eyelashes – regardless of their length.


I cannot begin to share with you how truly important spending a week without make up has been on my personal journey, and suggest everyone should do the same.


That’s not to say I encourage you to never wear make up again, I will be and I still look forward to enjoying a night out with friends and making myself up to look even more beautiful ; ).


I am just no longer going to feel the pressure to apply make up at every given opportunity and hide my true reflection from the world.


Its time we chose ignore the marketing campaigns of media and cosmetics companies and choose to see the true beauty in our own faces.


Its time we started seeing our own beauty as others see it instead of highlighting our imperfections and dwelling on them as this AMAZING video highlights


A MUST watch for anyone who views there own appearance negatively



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