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I first met with Laura and was introduced to the Ditch the Diet concept in January and since then, well, talk about changes.

Last year, I had discovered the gym and exercise and had lost a stone through sweat and tears. Coming into 2014 I had promised myself that it was now the time to couple this with a new healthier lifestyle and yet another diet. I had previously had some success with Slimming World and Atkins and it was a decision about which one to embark upon again. That was until, I was contacted through facebook by Laura about Ditch the Diet. In all honesty, I thought here we go again, yet another ‘group’ to join, but figured it was local and I was intrigued… The group was also next to a pub which I like and I had agreed to meet a friend for a drink afterwards as a reward for going and listening to how fat we all are and how we need to ‘eat less and move more’.

Admittedly, looking at Laura herself in some of her photos, she looked good and healthy and I wanted to look like that too.

At the first meeting, the thing which truly ‘inspired’ me (and god I hate cliché words like ‘inspired’ but it truly did), was the fact that within 3-6 months, I would know all I needed to know and I wouldn’t need to be weighed, I wouldn’t need to go to classes and I would understand about the impact certain foods had on my body! SOLD!!

I have to say, over the first couple of weeks I was dubious, I was still convinced that it was going to evolve into yet another diet that I couldn’t stick to, in fact, didn’t want to stick too and I would of give up! 8 weeks in and I am still going strong!

Since January, I have learnt (OK, I am still learning, but I am getting better) to cook, I have learnt about how different foods make me feel and impact on my body, the difference between good and bad fats, how amazing magnesium oil is (and mushy pea (magnesium) baths are) and that you don’t have to give up everything you love or enjoy in order to live a healthier and happier life.

The results for me; I have lost a stone and a whole dress size since January!! That is all while eating more food, than I ever have. Not only more food, but more delicious food! No more low fat, tiny meals! EVER!
My insomnia which I have suffered with for years, is none existent, Magnesium Oil has changed my life completely. So much so I think I should be on commission from the company with the amount of friends I have now using it! At one time two sleeping tablets and a bottle of red wine was my only remedy for 8 hours broken sleep. Now I average 8 hours of unbroken sleep most nights.

The most important thing for me is I honestly believe with everything I have learnt this is something which is sustainable. I haven’t given up my life to try and be thin, I still drink wine when I want (which admittedly is A LOT), I still go out for dinner when I want and if I want to eat a whole tub of Ice Cream I still do. But for the main part, I am eating fresh, home cooked unprocessed food and looking forward to every meal! I have a more positive outlook on life and am in a pretty happy place (most of the time ) for me meeting Laura and DTD, well, it really has been a game changer!”

Laura Dutton, Manchester

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