“Time of the month?” Leave me alone!
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Come on admit it,

We’ve all had a moan about ‘that time’ because let’s be frank, it’s a right old pain even debilitating, mentally and physically, with cramps that can range from minor discomfort to full-blown sick days.

Even when you are operational you can feel like doing absolutely nothing I am the same, it totally sucks because you feel heavy, bloated, lethargic and grumpy as hell!

Sly jokers questioning ‘time of the month…?’ don’t help either when all you want to do is give them a smack in their smug face.

All this might be manageable but then the bastard scales join the party laughing at you and throwing on an easy 5lb without care for your feelings at all

Your husband is rubbish and doesn’t understand, your children are even less aware and all you want to do is crawl onto the sofa with a hot drink and empty the biscuit tin

But nobody will give you just 5 minutes!

So you simply reach for the medical cupboard popping pills to get through the day and grabbing sugary caffeinated drinks and chocolate bars to get you through the day

You know its not great for the goals you set yourself just a couple of weeks ago but getting through is all you can think of and hey…

It’ll be over soon and we can refocus on our goals when we are done with ‘that time of the month’

Which is great but a 1-week binge every three is not going to get you where you want to go

I am sorry it isn’t, so is there anything we can do to help with progress or at least maintenance during this time?

Ditch The diet does a couple of weeks on this problem to our members helping them ot only get by

But actually reducing pain and increasing energy levels at this time and helping control hormones so they don’t fly out of control helping you get on with your life and not fearing it every time it comes

We have included some little titbits of advice below to help but it is not a miracle cure and requires one to take personal responsibility and look to improve month by month < – – much like the whole Ditch The Diet program

So what can you do?

  1. Learn more about the food your body works best on, learn about how fats carbohydrates and proteins can affect your energy levels, having done this and balanced your diet INCREASE carbohydrate intake prior to your period… STOP the cravings before they take hold!


  1. Build a regular night-time routine to regulate your sleep pattern – set yourself a bedtime and participate in relaxing activities before this time to prepare your body to sleep. Ideally aim for 8 hours of unbroken sleep each night in which time your body and hormones do their thing! (It wont happen straight away but stick at it and improve your sleep length and quality over time)


  1. Start exercising for your body, a great exercise routine packs a punch for your mood and can help give some natural pain relief. pick ANYTHING that you like – that’s right, you don’t have to sweat it out on the treadmill, if the thought fills you with dread, select something that gets you excited and motivated to move your body!


  1. Develop stress coping strategies and try and reduce stress where possible. Increased stress will play havoc with your hormones so anything you can do to improve it is a great way to nullify the negative effects of your period


  1. Oestrogen is the main hormone which is out of whack due to our modern lifetstyles, we consume and absorb WAY too much of it, controlling our intake can do wonders to improve hormonal balance….
    1. Don’t re-use plastic bottles,
    2. Avoid parabens and heavily perfumed toiletries
    3. Select organic food stuffs where possible
    4. Avoid soy based products (unless fermented)

All of the tips above are worked on intensively in our Ditch The Diet program and we would love to show you how easy it can be to get this stuff back under control if you are willing to change your old paradigms

Ultimately, there is no right way to do this, it is a very individual thing and being prepared to approach this with an open mind and a trial and error attitude will help you to make progress towards feeling better during this time.



Hi I’m Nicola and I’m a personal trainer and ditch the diet coach for Leicester. I help overweight ladies get into great shape, working on their bodies and minds to build a strong woman from the inside out. I love what I do, and it gives me insane levels of happiness to see ladies changing and coming to love their amazing bodies for what they are, not what they wish them to be.

Here is a link to my ditch the diet page where you can download our free e-book and get cracking with becoming happier, healthier and more confident every single day!


ALTERNATIVELY if you are not from the Leicester area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now JOIN US ONLINE by entering your details on our home page http://ditchthedietuk.com



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