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How comfy would you be running the streets naked?


I am not actually talking about running free around the streets or even just allowing your partner to see you in the buff.


I’m talking about no slap. – How comfortable are you presenting your bare naked face to the world?


I’m serious, would you be comfortable spending a week without make up?


As part of my position with the Ditch The Diet slimming group I was asked to do just this in response to the negative comments that accompanied many of the barefaced selfies.


If I am honest, it wasn’t actually too hard for me as I’m quite used to bearing all these days.




For some of the other DTD coaches it was a huge step into the unknown – and I have huge respect for what they did.


Some of them are a lot younger than me (not hard, I know) and some of them still suffer with bad skin, I can TOTALLY relate to that.


I had shockingly bad skin in my late teens and twenties, I had every treatment going for it – Topical creams, lotions, and antibiotics and ended up on Roaccutane (That was fun!)


Acne really hampered my life.


It stopped me from doing things most teenagers would love.


I’d NEVER stay overnight or go away with anyone on holiday for fear of them seeing me without concealer on – It used to really panic me!


I hated the thought of anyone seeing my naked skin, including me.


Now luckily for me the drugs worked plus my hormones changed anyway.


Now I only have the odd spot to worry about… and a few more wrinkles.


But in truth the biggest change came when I simply chose to accept myself for who I am, and became much more relaxed about what people see.


Ultimately, I am what I am, I am what you see.


And yes I know that isn’t perfect, who is? But, it’s me and it’s me as I choose to be.


I choose to be the best coach, mum, fiancé, friend, and Karen I can be. I choose to get better daily and do my best for others to help them do the same.


If people like me, for me, then great, if they don’t then that’s fine too, It never used to be this way but I worked at it and now it is.


If I get a spot on my chin (as I have right now), my eyes look tired or my hair’s a little ‘wild’ then so be it.


It doesn’t change me as a person and those who are worth my time know that.


So while I have huge respect for the DTD coaches who found the challenge hard last week, I also wish I could help them, and others stuck hiding behind their cosmetic mask that it really doesn’t matter.


They are who they are and the ones I’m getting to know are bloody lovely, and look great with or without make up.


If you cover-up every day and can’t bear the thought of being ‘naked’ ask yourself why.


Ask others to describe you…friends, family, etc.


I bet you’ll find a lot of people who matter to you and have a plenty of wonderful things to say about you and see you in a far greater light than you see yourself


In fact you could do worst than looking to join a slimming group like Ditch The Diet, a group that focuses on much more than just food.


It is focused on helping you reclaim your confidence and free yourself from the constraints of societal pressure while helping you become happier, healthier and finally enjoying being who you really are.


So please let myself, and the other ditch the diet coaches’ help you become comfy sharing your nakedness with the world.


Contact me for more information on the launch of my group very soon.


Or if you are not from Hartford head HERE to find a group near you

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