will you be happy when you reach your weight loss goal?
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Goal setting is commonly accepted as a necessity if you hope to make progression in the health and fitness environment and one way of making sure you progress is to set your goals according to the SMARTER acronym

Specific – is your goal defined?

Measureable – can we track it?

Agreed – have you accepted it?

Realistic – can you do it?

Time Bound – do you have checkpoints?

Excited – are you keen and motivated to get started?

Recorded – are you taking note of your steps and daily/weekly progress?

Realistically… there will always be bumps and scrapes, twists and turns along the way but having anchored the SMARTER aspects in place you could rest assured that each time you tick off a portion of the journey you are one step closer to reaching the point you aspire to.


What do we do when we achieve our goals?

Whether we feel truly happy when we reach our goal is a phenomenal and relevant consideration.

We can often covet an experience or point in time where we think that we will reach true happiness, BUT how long does this happiness reign for?

Did it even feel like you expected it to?

and what are the true consequences of attaining this?

Perhaps one of the more wonderful and frustrating aspects of being a human could be that we are rarely satisfied for long, we strive and reach for more progress, and satisfaction is a transient thing that risks eluding us. Living in the here and now being able to appreciate what we have and what we have accomplished is an integral aspect of happiness; nevertheless stand still for too long and we risk stagnating.

If your goal was health or fitness related it is easy to measure

  • Weight loss
  • Inch loss
  • Muscle gained
  • Calorie allowance increased
  • Progress photos
  • Clothes fitting better

But does any of this really matter? Is the most important thing not that you ‘feel’ better, would all of the above indeed be redundant if you could just feel better about yourself, have more confidence, have more energy, a better sex life, deeper sleep and be able to get through the day without plying your insides with coffee?

Conversely, if you achieved all this first, wouldn’t all the other bits be easier to achieve?

This is what we help with at Ditch The Diet, we work on your lifestyle, your self worth, confidence, and energy levels so that losing weight becomes easy, we understand weight is a symptom and not the cause

But how do you get over falling back into your old habits?

Do you know what you will do now? Now that you fit into your dress? Now that you feel confident when you look in the mirror? What is stopping you from going back to the frustrated and unhealthy person that you were before?

My point being did you ever asses WHY you wanted to lose your weight in the first place, or achieve the goal you set out to achieve?

Can you dig into the depths of your soul and tell me what is driving you?

A deep and personal reason for change that is strongly linked to health has been shown to be the most long lasting motivation for permanent lifestyle change.

For example…

it could be that you don’t want to ask for the seatbelt extension on the plane when you go on holiday; or you want to be able to chase your kids around the park and not give up wheezing and with sore joints.

Developing strategies that work in your life, is essential to prevent you from back sliding and stop you from slipping back into your old ways

But so is your self worth, confidence, and energy levels

Regardless of how hard you work, if you aren’t working on these all the time you will fall back

Ditch The Diet understands this because its that feeling of better, that will help you sustain your progress, that feeling that you deserve to be happy, and enjoy life that will encourage you to continue with more positive choices

knowing EXACTLY WHY you want to do this will help make the right choices easier, every day.

Ideally your weight loss or fitness goal will fit in with your lifetime goals, here at Ditch the Diet we encourage you to look into the future and visualise what you want, and build your ‘here and now’ around getting what you see in your mind’s eye.

We want to help you build a healthy, happy and confident future, but we must start with you as you are now and plan and progress each day to get you to where you want to be.

You just have to join us www.rossellfitness.co.uk/ditch-the-diet/


Hi I’m Nicola Rossell and I’m the DTD Coach for Leicester, I currently run 3 groups and if you would like any more information please get in touch. I specialise in working with ladies who feel unhappy, frustrated and lack confidence in their bodies

Click the link below to get access to a free e-book gift to help you kick start your healthy journey where we promise that you will feel healthier, happier and more confident every single day please visit www.rossellfitness.co.uk/ditch-the-diet/

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