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As part of your journey with Ditch The Diet, it is imperative to learn to love yourself for who you are, as weight loss without this piece of the puzzle will almost always result in rebound.

However when you start, if you really do want to lose weight, then it is obvious some changes in eating patterns and nutritional habits will occur, unfortunately there will also be a ‘friend’ or colleague ready willing and able to help pull you back to your old ways

Often threatened by your progress, or simply feeling they are starting to lose their friend, the way she was.

^^ she is because you are changing, you have to change… IF, that is, if you really do want weight loss

this doesn’t mean however that you have to become ‘that friend’ at every xmas, holiday, party, or birthday and bring your own food, and not drink at all, weight loss isn’t all about exclusion or a fun free zone… however, you may have to start approaching these situations with a common sense attitude IF you want to move forward.

Unfortunately when implementing these common sense strategies to the parties and social occasions you attend its then that the friends and colleagues will strike

They mean well, they really do…

They just want you to have a good time and when they have laid on food and drink they want it to be enjoyed by you.

Because you know this, you feel guilty. So you eat the said food and drink to make them happier, and then you are faced with your own guilt the next day. < – – TIP: Never be guilty for the food you choose to eat, simply enjoy it and move on

However make sure the choices you make are your own and follow your personal core values and goals

If you do choose to eat a little less, make healthier choices, or stop after 1 or 2 glasses of wine, it can be hard to dissuade the arguments of your friends

this blog will cover some of the common “persuasions” you may come across and the best way to deal with them.

“Go on, one won’t hurt”

Does this sound familiar? This can be amplified by the person actually picking it up for you and putting it on your plate, or pouring the drink before you have a chance to answer. It’s normally a response to you refusing the sweet treat or extra helping in the first place.

If you HONESTLY find you want the extra food or drink, then have it. Really, there is no point in beating yourself up over something that you will ENJOY.

But if not,

I find in this situation the best response is

‘Oh I would love to but I really couldn’t manage another bite’.

You have told them that it really WILL physically hurt you to have any more, whilst complimenting them on the food you have ingested up to that point. This is normally a satisfactory response for them and you will be left well alone!

“You’ve done so well, you deserve a treat”

Ah so they have complemented you and the barriers have come down. If the ‘feeling full’ answer above doesn’t work or isn’t relevant to the situation then this could help:

‘Thank you, normally I would but I had more than enough treats yesterday at *FILL BLANK*’

This should pacify them that yes, you DO treat yourself, just not at this time.

“You are wasting away!”

Yes some people can be as blunt as this. In the last few years I have had to suffer the following descriptions of myself by others:

  • ‘But you are so skinny already’
  • ‘I don’t think you should lose any more weight you are starting to look ill’
  • ‘You look ever so thin and pale’
  • ‘You are starting to look emaciated’ YES! Seriously I had this from a work colleague!
  • ‘You are border-line anorexic’ THIS was from a family member

As much as they mean well, I don’t think they would be as quick to judge someone at the other end of the scale (pun intended).

Could you imagine if your response to this was:

“But you are putting on weight, look unhappy, and lack energy, and I think you may have an issue with comfort food”.

Would they be offended? YES! So why do they think it’s ok to roll out these insults?

Hopefully you wont be on the receiving end of anything like this but if you are I always find it helpful to throw a question back; ‘What makes you say that?’ will normally evoke a blank stare whilst they try not to offend you with their answer. Another good one is ‘I am not sure why you think that, but I find it really upsetting’.

If they are very concerned about your appearance they will elaborate with some genuine reasons for thinking this, but 9 times out of 10 it is normally not meant to offend and the situation is turned around quite swiftly.

“You do so much exercise you can burn it all off tomorrow in no time”

Well that will all depend on what ‘that’ is. But generally you have to be going some to burn off an extra 200-500 calories. But before you start to bore the other person with the facts of calorie burning I prefer to have a little fun with them, saying…

‘Ok, I will have just the one but you have to promise that you will help me burn this off tomorrow at the gym/park/running track’. You will either obtain a new training buddy or they will move swiftly on!

Eventually your friends, family and colleagues will just get used to your eating patterns, and more than likely start to admire your changes

‘At first they will ask you WHY you are doing it, then they will ask you HOW you did it’

You see… dieting isn’t about abstinence, or exclusion, you should be able to enjoy all the vices you have done in the past, however, you will need to make some changes in the quantities and the frequency at which you enjoy them.

Unfortunately people struggle with change and will try and encourage you back to your old ways, its just human nature… it your choice however which way you go

Ditch the Diet will try and help guide you, but ultimately the choices you make are your own, we aim to educate, not dictate the way other weight loss groups do

So keep this in mind and stay strong! And if you need any help with reaching your goals this is why Ditch the Diet is here! Just get in contact!


Colette Cooper is currently changing lives in Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City using Ditch The Diet program. She is currently running 3 groups in these areas contact her below to find out more about her next program

Colette is also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach. You can contact her at

ALTERNATIVELY if you are not from the Stevenage area why not join our mailing list and find out where your nearest group is or how you can now JOIN US ONLINE by entering your details on our home page


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