Without Ditch The Diet I wouldn’t be the person I am today!
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“Discovering Ditch The Ditch, understanding the philosophy and changing my lifestyle has been a revelation! For the past umpteen years I had felt perpetually tired, sluggish, fat, fed up and depressed. I’d had a permanently bloated stomach and cramps too. My bowel movements were all over the place and I was often constipated. Frequently I felt old beyond my years and really quite isolated too. I was taking numerous painkillers daily for the pains in my legs that were there as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. I was also taking anti-depressants and mood stabilisers.

The strange thing is although I felt like this I thought this was normal. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to feel so much better.

A friend and I went to a seminar about the launch of Ditch The Diet just purely out of interest – just the name of it made it appealing!! The seminar was good and exceptionally thought provoking. I was intrigued, so when a chance followed to trial the first pilot program I knew I had to take it. I had tried all sorts of diets before with varying success and just hoped there was a better, more rewarding and healthier way to live.

While I was first doing the course it seemed really slow in comparison to other programs. With diets I had always been told exactly what to eat and drink and my expectation was the same of DTD. I really struggled with this and nearly gave up a few times.

Prior to joining DTD my eating had been out of control and I had consistently gained weight. Once eating the DTD way I continued to gain weight, but it slowed down significantly and I was feeling so much better. It was feeling so much better that kept me going back each week.

The support was fantastic and the knowledge of the course tutors brilliant. This was the first program I had been on where I actually felt like my health and progress was important. With the onset of the Facebook page and Periscope etc the support has got even better – thank you!

It took me months to totally eradicate all the myths I’d listened to over the years about how to lose weight and be healthy and truly believe in the DTD program. Now I couldn’t imagine living a different way.

I have now lost over 3.5 stone. I still have weight to lose but I know exactly how to lose it and keep it off forever and be as healthy as I can. I’m enjoying living a medication free life and loving eating real food. Without DTD I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

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